What's The Best Way to Store Chili Peppers?

Posted: Apr 22 2014

So you've gotten a bumper crop of chiles in your garden this year or scored a great deal at the grocery store.  And while chili peppers (such as habaneros, chile pequins, and serranos) are delcicious, ya probably can't eat them all at once.  So how can we store these hot peppers to help them last as long as possible?



-Last about a week after picking

-Clean them, wipe off all excess moisture

-Store in refrigerator in paper napkins to prevent growth of mold

-2 weeks are generally the max these peppers will last in the refrigerator

-Do not place them in plastic bags without the paper napkins (can cause mold growth)

-Check them regularly for molding



-Place pods in plastic bags, then freeze them immediately until you are ready to use them

-You can also store chiles in oil but this method is a little tricker (the oil can sometimes turn rancid, and then there go your chiles!)


T. Valencia


info compiled  from wikipedia.com, fiery-foods.com, recipetips.com
Photo courtesy of David Monniaux  Copyright © 2005