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Posted: Apr 20 2014

What’s San Antonio, Texas’ biggest party of the year? Fiesta! And each year the party just gets bigger and bigger. This year Fiesta takes place from April 18—28th. Hispanic.com is honored to have the opportunity to catch up with John Melleky, CEO of the Fiesta San Antonio Commission.

What is San Antonio’s “Fiesta”? 
Well technically it’s really “Fiesta 2013” this year, since the party happens every year…and this year happens to be2013. Some of the biggest events include the Battle of Flowers Parade, the Texas Cavaliers River Parade, and NIOSA (Night in Old San Antonio). However Melleky tells Hispanic.com there are many more events, “Fiesta is comprised of 100 different events run by 100 different nonprofits. It’s a fabric that makes San Antonio unique.” San Antonio’s Fiesta celebration is the 10th largest festival in the U.S. It’s the 3rd largest festival in Texas (and everything is big in TX…) behind the Texas State Fair and the Houston Rodeo.

Who participates and attends “Fiesta”?
Melleky says “3.6 million people participate and attend Fiesta via the different events.” Approximately 23% of Fiesta’s visitors are visitors to San Antonio. 88% of Fiesta-goers identify themselves as “Hispanic”.

Where did Fiesta come from? What’s the history of “Fiesta”? 
“Fiesta started in 1891 with the 1st Battle of Flowers Parade”, according to Melleky. “At the time a group of San Antonio women put the parade together to recognize heroes of the Alamo.”   The women based the parade of a Mexican festival which involved processions of carriages. The spectators would then throw flowers at the procession. Melleky tells us, “now Fiesta is in its 122 year. It’s the 3rd oldest parade in the country behind Mardi Gras the Tournament of Roses”.

Now, say I’m an out-of-town visitor…is it too late to attend “Fiesta” this year?
“No, it’s not” says Melleky. “There are numerous travel packages where people can still find hotel rooms and come enjoy Fiesta.” In fact, Fiesta San Antonio Commission’s is a great place to start. They’ve just launched a new website where folks can search for hotel rooms, tickets, merchandise and other Fiesta related information. The website is http://fiesta-sa.org

-Hispanic.com staff


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