General Salinas: 1st Latina Marine Corps General, Featured in New Book "Undaunted"

Posted: Apr 20 2014

Major General Angela Salinas and three other women serving in the military are profiled in the book Undaunted. The book is a new release by author, Tanya Biank, who is well known for penning Army Wives which is now also a popular TV series.  Undaunted takes a close look at some of the pivotal events in the four military women’s lives, both in the workplace and personally.

Major General Angela Salinas
We followed especially closely, the story of Major General Angela Salinas, who with a tenure of 36 years in the military rose from the rank of private to Major General in 2010.  At that time General Salinas was the 4th female General in the history of the Marines, and the only one on active duty. Further General Salinas is also the first Hispanic female general ever in Marines…period. (Note: Major General Salinas still serves in the Marine Corps today.)  Undaunted takes a look at the period when General Salinas was promoted to the rank of Brigadier General, and received orders to serve as the Commanding General of the Marine Corps Recruit Depot (MCRD) San Diego. Now this post was unusual for many reasons beginning with the fact Salinas was female. She was the first female in the history of MCRD San Diego to serve as Commanding General of the facility. 

Salinas at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot
Undaunted traces Salinas’ journey in arriving at the MCRD San Diego, and winning over the “doubters” which ranged from one of the most influential generals in the history of the Marine Corps, Lieutenant General Victor “Brute” Krulak to Hispanic groups, successful businesswomen, recruits, and fellow officers. 

Salinas’ Military Career
And one thing is clear, Salinas didn’t “earn” her post because she was Hispanic or a woman. If the book makes clear one thing, it’s that Salinas has earned her military titles, every step of the way. It’s endearing how Undaunted describes the mentorship that Salinas received from some of the very top men in the Marines.

A very good read, by Tanya Biank, Undaunted is a great presentation of the lives of military women and their very real day-to-day experiences as they navigate and succeed in the traditionally male world of the U.S. military.  

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