Hispanic.com Interview: Tanya Biank, author of "Undaunted" & "Army Wives"

Posted: Apr 20 2014

Hispanic.com is very excited to have the chance to speak to Tanya Biank, author of the newly released book “Undaunted”, as well as the well-known “Army Wives” book on which the TV series “Army Wives” is based.

Tanya Biank & Writing "Undaunted"
We wanted to learn a more about Tanya Biank, and the actual process of writingUndaunted which features the story of then Brigadier General (now Major General) Angela Salinas, the Marine Corps’ first Latina general and only the 6th female General…ever - in the history of the Marine Corps.  

On Major General Angela Salinas
Hispanic.com asked Biank why she chose General Salinas for Undaunted.  Biank says she knew she wanted to feature a female General for the book, and after reading General Salinas’ bio says: “I knew this was going to be a great story, when I learned that General Salinas had founded her school basketball team even though she’s only 5 foot tall.  I think her tenacity just shines through her life, and now she’s risen through the highest levels in the Marine Corps.”

So we were also curious what it was like working with General Salinas.  Biank says “Our first phone conversation was just an easy thing. It was like I was speaking to someone I’d known all my life.  General Salinas is very down to earth and has a great sense of humor, and is actually very humble.  I was just honored that she was trusting me to tell her story.”

Biank is both an Army wife, and a former journalist on Army issues.  She says when she talks about Salinas to other female military officers - the reaction is the same!  Inevitably the female military officers say: “I want to meet her!”

Biank’s Other Projects & Hispanics
In addition to General Salinas in Undaunted, Hispanics serving in the military are featured on the Lifetime TV series Army Wives where Biank serves as a consultant.  Biank says:  “last season – the show had two new characters – a young military Hispanic couple. And it’s exciting, they’ve been made into fulltime characters with major roles this season!”

Next for Biank?
So what’s next for Tanya Biank?  She has two successful books under her belt and is now a successful author.  Biank says, “I’m sure I have another book in me, and I’m sure it will have a military theme.  Right now I’m doing a lot of traveling and guest speaking”.  Biank also tells us she will be making an upcoming cameo appearance on the TV series Army Wives.

-By Hispanic.com staff
To learn more about Tanya Biank, visit her website: TanyaBiank.com
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