We Chat/Laugh w/ Chicago OnAir_alAire Hosts Victor Alan Lozano & Servando Cadenas

Posted: Apr 20 2014

Hispanic.com is really excited to have the chance to speak with the guys at online radio show, “Chicago OnAir_alAire”, Victor Alan Lozano and Servando Cadenas.

They love to laugh!

It’s the first thing we learned about radio hosts Lozano and Cadenas – before we even knew who they were.

They are great pranksters - we first found them on Twitter where without fail, we at Hispanic.com are the recipients of funny meme’s on Latino topics asking things like “Where’s the Pan Dulce” or talking about “Las Tortillas”. Lozano and Cadenas met in a media and entertainment training program, and they went on to do radio show Sin Papeles together. Now, they’re working on “Chicago OnAir_alAire” together.

We talked to Lozano and Cadenas about their new radio show and what’s next. Lozano says, “We started the show in Nov of 2012, we are so new right now – but the show is still growing. The concept is to talk about different topics by integrating comedy as well as our community. “ Each week, Lozano and Cadenas bring in Chicago area authors, restaurant owners, or people starting their own businesses onto the show. Lozano says “it’s about integrating our own lifestyle into the show and doing a program we would want to listen to…and we love to eat! We love comedy! And we love our community!”.

The listenership for Chicago OnAir_alAire has grown quickly. Servando says: “when we first started the show – we didn’t really have any guests. Now, we have a waiting list of guests for our shows!”

What’s next for Servando and Lozano? A lot! 

Servando is 25 and Lozano is 24 years old, and they are looking forward to long careers in the entertainment industry. Servando says, “it would be awesome if we could get this program picked up by a local or national radio station. My dream job is to be on the radio. I also want to set the example “si yo puedo tu puedes!”.   Lozano says: “coming from Mexico, no one would expect that this guy [Lozano] who didn’t know English would have 2 degrees.   I always joke around – that I’m going to be the next Rodner Figueroa [TV Host & Fashion Journalist from Sal y Pimienta].

Tune into Chicago OnAir_alAire Saturdays 5-7pm CST by visiting:
Live 365 Internet Radio Player 90.5FM WRTE Radio Arte:
You can also find them on Twitter at @ChicagoOnAir
Many segments from past shows may be found at 

On April 13th, Chicago OnAir_alAire will have the “Miss Illinois Latina Organization” as guests. Also great local comedians including: Gwen La Roka, Joey Villagomez, Melissa Duprey, and Abi Sanchez will be guests.


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