The WWE, Telenovelas, You & Me

Posted: Apr 20 2014

I was just googling around the web like I usually do, and came across an interesting tidbit of news about the WWE (World Wresting Entertainment, Inc.). So it’s being reported by several wrestling trade magazines/websites that the WWE has hired at telenovela writer to work on WWE storylines, scripts, and content - to target us, Latinos. 

A) I think it’s great the WWE is thinking about Hispanics…now.
B) Not too long ago (4 years to be specific) , I was the finalist for a Latino/Hispanic marketing position with the WWE. I was excited about it, and looking forward to the job. Last minute I specifically remember I received word from their HR folks that the position was being cancelled due to budget cuts.

Hey it was 2009, the economy was tough back then…I get it. No hard feelings. And maybe Hispanic marketing wasn’t exactly top of mind back then – just a sign of the times.

Anyways, I’m glad to see the wrestling targeting Hispanics, though I did check out theforums over at and fans' response to this new Hispanic hire is mixed. On my end – I’ll be looking forward to some muy dramatico storylines (and maybe some great telenovela make up/hair, face slapping, and rags to riches acción).

-Zee Diaz staff


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