Interview: Movies, "Smuggled", No Documentaries & More with Film Maker Ramon Hamilton

Posted: Apr 20 2014 is fortunate to have the chance to chat with Ramon Hamilton, filmmaker and founder of Think Ten Media Group.

Catching up with Ramon Hamilton isn’t easy. This energetic young filmmaker is on the MOVE, he told us “my schedule varies from day-to-day so tell me when you are available”. Hamilton is working on several projects including finishing up the release and promotion of SMUGGLED, Think Ten’s recent award winning film. Hamilton says: “we just released the film on VOD [Video on Demand]…basically you can now go onto the VOD site and download it – or stream it. In addition to the VOD release, special screening events of SMUGGLED are occurring throughout the U.S.

Ramon Hamilton and Think Ten Media Group’s newest project is SEEKERS. Hamilton says it’s a “bigger” film than SMUGGLED. He says: “it’s about U.S. immigration laws and how they tear familes apart”. SEEKERS follows a young boy whose mom is deported after a routine traffic stop. “5,000 to 6,000 children are separated from their families each year after the deportation from the U.S. of one or both parents” says Hamilton. “So SEEKERS plays off real life and our current immigration laws…it’s a timely piece.”

Hamilton says he’s working to make SEEKERS a more commercial production. He says: “SMUGGLED was more of an art house film. We see SEEKERS fitting into the marketplace for people who liked movies like Goonies or Stand By Me, regardless of their political beliefs… Forget immigration, forget politics imagine having your 10 year-old ripped from you. It’s not something anyone would want to experience.”

Now as for Hamilton’s film-making start – he said he was a relatively late bloomer, never doing anything film or arts related until he was a college senior…and only because he needed a class to fill in his schedule. Hamilton says: “I made a film for a class – and it was fun but I never looked at it as a career.” In fact Hamilton started a successful construction company soon after graduating college – but Hamilton says the “passion” just wasn’t there. So after making his first “unofficial” feature film in Boston…”the bug bit me” says Hamilton.

Hamlton’s Think Ten Media Group endeavors to select stories based on community issues but in a story/action format. Hamilton says: “we are not heavy on documentaries which we feel documentaries preach to the choir. We find that real life action tells a greater more impactful story.”

Other projects in the works for Think Ten Media Group include an HIV/African-American project, and a kid’s film discussing dependence on technology. Staff note: SMUGGLED has snagged awards at Mexico International Film Festival, Riverside International Film Festival, and Reel Rasquache Art & Film Festival.) 

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