#1 Rated Barber in U.S.: 3rd Generation Master Barber: Oscar Zamudio & Your Shaving Tips

Posted: Apr 20 2014

Straight edge razor…check! French lotions…check! The #1 men's spa in the U.S…check! Yes we are definitely speaking with the #1 Barber in Chicago as rated by the Chicago Men’s Book, at the #1 Men’s Spa in the nation (rated by Spa Finder).   Hispanic.com is very excited to have the chance to speak with Oscar Zamudio, Master Barber at Elysian Men’s Atelier at the Waldorf Astoria in Chicago (yes, btw, the Elysian was recently also named #1 hotel spa in the country by Conde Nast Traveler).

Clients who fly in from all over the world, celebrities, local Chicago sports stars, or even the guy who lives down the street. It’s a wide-range of clientele you’ll find in third-generation Master Barber, Oscar Zamudio’s barber chair.

Zamudio says, “my father and grandfather are both barbers, and my mom is a cosmetologist – so I grew up in both the barbershop and a salon.“ Zamudio was born in the U.S. after his family came to the U.S. many years ago from Mexico. He worked for his family for a bit, went to barber college, and attended an exclusive Gillette invitation only straight edge razor course on the East Coast. Zamudio shows a unique motivation to take barbering to a higher level. He says, “I wanted to introduce shaving as an art. I knew I wanted to be a barber. Really it’s becoming a lost art, it truly is – you don’t here people these days saying I want to be a barber when I grow up. ”

These days, Zamudio is the only barber at the Eysian Spa, Waldorf Astoria. He developed the “Spa Shave” and does everything from haircuts, shaves, head shaves etc. and combines it with the latest in skin care and beverage of the customer’s choice. (Beer, wine, etc.)

We wondered who’s coming in for Oscar Zamudio’s top rated straight-edge razor shaves and pampering? Zamudio says: “well customers are about half and half divided between wives who send their husband in for as shave with me, and the other half are regulars or those men who want to experience a shave experience.” Zamudio says first timers at his spa will make comments like: “why have I been missing out on this?” or “Why didn’t I run into you sooner?”.

Customers come from far and wide to see Zamudio. He says other hotels often refer their guests to see him for a shave. Zamudio has one Italy-based client who visits California for meetings, “he makes sure he stops in [Chicago] from Italy to see me before his California meetings for his haircut and shave.” Zamudio says, “the person in my barber chair could be my favorite music or film artist – to my local neighbor guy.”

Zamudio says people also come in to get advice and not just shaving tips!… He says “I often get asked about advice on home shaving.” And in addition to shaving tips, Zamudio also parcels out life tips: “I’m like the bartender, a lot of people confess or ask for advice about what’s going on in their lives. This is of course private and confidential… just between me and them.”

To book an appointment with Oscar, wedding, or other event contact the Elysian Spa or the Waldorf Astoria Chicago. It’s recommended to book in advance.
Follow Oscar on Twitter @ChiMasterBarber


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