Interview:Top Latina Fashion Designer: Malen Reyes Couture

Posted: Apr 20 2014 is really excited to chat with Malen Reyes from Malen Reyes Couture about her clothing, fashion designing and what’s next… (hint: models…lots of models). Malen Reyes Couture specializes in high end fashion and high quality everyday clothing for men and women .

Arriving from Managua, Nicaragua in the U.S. 33 years ago, Malen Reyes always knew she would be a fashion designer. She arrived to San Antonio, Texas and Malen says: “slowly began building my clientele”. In 1989 Malen put together her first fashion show, and has been holding regular fashion shows since even helping raise funds for various organizations through the fashion shows. Shortly thereafter In the 90s, Malen was a featured designer for several TV shows such as TV Mujer with Jackie Nespral and Cara a Cara for Maria Laria.

In the mid-to-late 2000s, Malen took a break, but is now back and her daughter Monic Reyes has joined the team as Creative Director and designer. Together they have launched a revitalized Malen Reyes Couture, designs now include both Malen‘s classic elegant view and the modern chic view of daughter Monic. The business complete with a new social media push on Facebook, Twitter, and associate social media platforms to keep their fans, supporters in view of all the upcoming projects, events and achievements.

Original Designs
Each of Malen’s designs are original, she says ”I’ve always tailored my work to creating a single, exclusive design – for each piece I design”. And Malen’s designs are well-received both near, to the San Antonio, Texas area where they are based – and far with clients coming from all over the U.S. One of Malen’s clients became a fan of her designs over a decade ago, and still continues to have clothes made on a regular basis.

The Process
The design process at Malen Reyes Couture like at many design houses depends on the clothing item desired. Malen says “to have an evening dress made – the process may take about 2-3 months from start to finish. For a wedding dress, we generally recommend setting a private appointment with Malen to review details important to bride and designer 6-12 months in advance. A casual everyday dress may take about 1-2 months. It’s generally best to call us – and we can provide the best estimate.“ Malen says they will generally fit each custom made item for a client 2-3 times throughout the design process.

What’s Next
Models! Malen and Monic just launched a modeling agency called Model Vogue Management.  Malen says “we used to spend a lot of time training models for our fashion shows –and photo shoots to capture our visions . Now with our new agency, we are training our models to be professional, have elegance, rock the runway with fierce attitudes and know what models are expected to deliver in the industry”. Malen and her daughter along with their designs and models have two great fashion shows coming up in May , Malen invites you to follow their success through their social media sites! staff

To contact Malen Reyes Couture or call 210 589-0251


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