Internet Radio & More Hispanic Listeners? Yes!

Posted: Apr 20 2014

Turn it up! More and more Hispanics are listening to Internet radio these days. Don’t just take my word for it. There’s a new study published by “The Media Audit” describing the Hispanic listeners’ growing love for the internet radio. According to the study 32.7% of “all Hispanics” have listened to Internet radio within the past month. [ note: the study does not make clear if the term “all Hispanics” means U.S. Hispanics or Latin American and U.S. Hispanics] By Internet radio, the study is defining Internet radio stations such as Pandora Radio, iHeartRadio, and

The study also says Hispanics are 35% more likely than the general population to listen to Internet radio than the general population.

I started listening to Pandora years and years ago. And this may explain now whereas in the beginning I really just saw and heard the same 3 advertisers over and over ago. Now I’m receiving Spanish language ads even when I’m listening to my general music listening stations (I’ve got a few flamenco stations that are also listed…which I’m pretty sure is why I get the Spanish ads.

So keep an eye on it – that is the Hispanic listener and Internet radio. Has anybody thought of a solely Latino-themed Internet radio site? (That was a free entrepreneurial idea for somebody! :)

-Zee Diaz staff


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