Interview:The Latina Queen of Burlesque: "La Cholita"

Posted: Apr 21 2014 is really excited to have the chance to speak with La Cholita, who is also known as the “Latina Queen of Burlesque”

We spoke with Natasha who dances asLa Cholita about burlesque and what’s next for La Cholita. Natasha says, “I’ve always loved to perform, even when I was a kid I used to dress up and put on shows”. La Cholita says growing up with grandfather helped expose her to the music and dancing styles of early burlesque fan dancers from the early 1900s. And La Cholita’s mom took her to her first burlesque show. 

The Start

 Natasha says getting a start in the burlesque dancing world wasn’t easy. She said when she first started, “there was only one place in L.A. that did burlesque, and you had to be a pro to dance there”. So Natasha says “I knew I needed to take a different tactic – so I started approaching bands, and offering to dance before the bands went on stage.” The crowds went wild for La Cholita’s burlesque act. And just that step, revolutionized burlesque in L.A. La Cholita says now virtually before every band, a burlesque dancer entertains and gets the crowd pumped up. 

The La Cholita Name
La Cholita chose her unique name after attending the national burlesque convention “Tease O’Rama” in 2003. She says, “I noticed I was the only latina there, so I chose the name “La Cholita” to honor my Hispanic heritage. “ The name has turned out to be both an attention grabber and a conversation starter.

Besides her numerous features in television and film performing as La Cholita, she is also the first latina awarded the Miss Viva Las Vegas title in 2007, and has performed throughout Europe, Canada, and the U.S. La Cholita has also been the spokesperson forBordello shoes, a burlesque inspired shoe line sold in 72 countries.  La Cholita’s dancing caught the eye of Dita Von Teese, and says “I was honored to have the opportunity to dance with Dita just a couple of years ago”.

What’s Next for La Cholita
These days – Natasha says in addition to numerous special events she now performs at, she is now focusing on her acting, hosting, stand up comic and singing work. For in addition to burlesque, La Cholita is a seasoned stand up comic – and has appeared on FOX television with George Lopez! Beauty, brains, AND sass! staff

For more information – or to book La Cholita for your event visit her website


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