Comics, “Weapon Tex-Mex”, Hollywood and Cartoonist: Javier Hernandez

Posted: Apr 21 2014

He’s a cartoonist…who also happens to be Latino, and we are very excited to have the chance to speak withJavier Hernandez about his work and passion for the world of comics.  One of Hernandez’s comic works “El Muerto” was successfully sold to Hollywood, and turned into a live action movie.  In addition to cartooning, Hernandez is also co-founder of the Latino Comics Expo

Cartooning is a way of life for Hernandez.  Growing up, Hernandez studied art in college, he says: “this was back in the late 80s there weren’t a lot of cartoon classes.  I was classically trained.  The cartooning, that was self-taught!”  

Hernandez’s Cartoon Characters
It wasn’t long until Hernandez started publishing his own cartoon books under his own imprint “Los Comex”, his label just celebrated its 15 year anniversary.  Hernandez has several characters he works with in his comics work.  They include: “The Coma”, “Weapon Tex-Mex”, and “El Muerto”.  Hernandez says: “One of my most recent books is titled, “Dead Dinosaurio”.  It’s about a young Aztec boy, during the Conquest of Mexico.  As the city of Teotihuacan is besieged by the Spaniards, the boy runs up a hill to find the Tyrannosaurs Rex he had discovered there embedded in a block of amber.  The dinosaur is released, and he and the boy strike back against the Conquistadores. Of course, we all know how that story ended!”  

In fact Hernandez says he finds a lot of inspiration in Aztec culture & mythology,, the folklore of Mexico and  the luchadores (Mexican masked wrestlers).  

Making it in Hollywood
Hernandez says he wasn’t an overnight success in Hollywood.  His success occurred slowly and it started out from and interview he did with National Public Radio (NPR).  “I tell young creators - don’t ever turn down an interview”, says Hernandez.  An independent producer/writer heard his interview – and a few years later…Herndandez’s comic book received the Hollywood green light, becoming a full-length feature film with Wimer Valderamma as the star of “El Muerto”.

Paying it Forward
In addition to working on his own comics, Hernandez sets aside time to teach the business and art of cartooning to young people.  He says, “on the level of a creator – a lot of people respond to your work…and it’s great to inspire students…as well as for these young kids to see this Mexicano-Americanoworking hard to get his voice heard.”  

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