Academy Of Special Dreams Foundation Features Virtual 3D Art Gallery & Live-Streaming Video

Posted: Apr 21 2014


More community news, disability advocacy resources and job postings will also be featured.

Los Angeles, CA -- May 14, 2013

- The Academy of Special Dreams Foundation, in furtherance of its mission to increase public awareness of the creative talents of people with disabilities, today announced the launch of its newly redesigned online website featuring a virtual 3-D art gallery and live-streaming video together with other improvements making the website more navigable and fully searchable.  As the principal way the Academy of Special Dreams Foundation fulfills its mission, the online website integrates links on the main menu and throughout the site to the Academy of Special Dream Foundation's Twitter and Facebook presence, an area in which the Academy of Special Dreams Foundation has become increasingly active over the past several years.  In addition, the online website will support the growth and development of working artists in the special needs community around the world by providing online job postings in the arts for those seeking employment.

“This new online face of the Academy of Special Dreams Foundation represents another significant step in fulfilling our mission to increase public awareness of the creative talents of people with disabilities.  Through our newly redesigned website, we have made it easier to showcase the artistic expressions our nearly 100 artists in residence, for example, by our virtual 3-D art gallery that will recreate the look, experience and enjoyment of seeing the art in a formal exhibition hall," said ASDF President Michael Dergar, CEO and Founder of the Academy of Special Dreams Foundation.  "Now everyone can appreciate their creativity in a visual setting that is reminiscent of the finest art galleries in the world."

The redesigned website utilizes “containers” with both text and graphics to draw visitors to specific content.  The website homepage will reflect the most current content while ensuring that a visitor can easily navigate and search for past featured artists, the virtual galleries for each of the artists in residence, upcoming events, scholarship and working artist grant applications and news items about the special needs community, and at the same time share critical information about legislative or international issues of interest to both artists and other audiences.

The site was designed and built by Harisvision, an independent web design and development firm which has been supporting the Academy of Special Dreams Foundation for several years.  "We especially want to thank Angel Reyes of Harisvision, all of the Board Members, as well as all the volunteers and supporters of the Academy of Special Dreams Foundation for all their time and support in the launch of our redesigned website," said Mr. Dergar.

The Academy of Special Dreams Foundation believes that all persons, regardless of their disabilities, should have equal opportunities to express their talents and to be successful in the Arts. As a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, the Special Academy's mission is to increase public awareness, appreciation and recognition of the creative talents of people with disabilities by providing opportunities that encourage, promote and showcase their artistic expressions.

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