Interview: Talking Cartooning with Latino Comics Expo Founders

Posted: Apr 21 2014

Do you remember waking up every Sunday with excitement…cause Sunday mornings meant the comic section in the Sunday paper!  Well, I may be dating myself - but I remember those days reading the Sunday comics section as a kid, while eating some pan dulce my dad used to bring home on Sunday mornings.

Comics with Sabor!
Well, I have to say…these ain’t your old comic strip days anymore.  We got our first taste of that when heard about the upcoming Latino Comics Expo in San Francisco (June 1-2, 2013) which is in its 3rd year.  Really it’d never crossed our minds about Hispanics/Latinos in the comic world…but boy were we wrong!  The expo features both Hispanic and Latino comic artists as well as those artists who involve latin themes within their comic art.

Why Latino Comics Expo
We reached out to Ricardo Padilla and Javier Hernandez, the founders of the Latino Comics Expo to discuss Hispanics, comics, and what’s next for the spicy world of Latino comics and artists!  

Javier said: “it all started when Ricardo and I were branstorming to increase the exposure of Latino artists in San Francisco.  And I thought…well  I’m a cartoonist – so let’s try to put together a Latino comics expo.”  Ricardo was and still is a long-time patron of the arts in San Francisco, so he approached San Francisco’sCartoon Art Museum about the idea.  Now three years later, the event has proved to be so successful…Padilla and Javier have been invited to take the Expo on the road, and will be hosting the Los Angeles Latino Comics Expo which will be held at L.A.’s Museum of Latin American Art (MOLAA) (August 17-18, 2013).  

Latinas and Comics
And as the largest gathering of Hispanic comic artists in the country…we are glad to hear Latinas are doing us proud.  Ricardo says, “the Latin Comics Expo has a friendly Latino vibe.  The thing we are proud about  is that sometimes the comics world is male dominated,  but we are proud that there is a good contingent of Latina artists doing comics and in attendance.  We are not yet 50/50, but 
ya mero (almost).  It’s a nice mix”.  Javier says, “we were all raised by strong Latina women – so it’s great to see them doing comics and pushing it forward.  And it’s inspiring to young Latina girls to see these ladies: Gabriella Gamboa, Liz Mayorga, Crystal Gonzalez, just to name a few. “

If You Go
At the San Francisco event over a dozen artists will be displaying their work,  and at the L.A. event 50 artists will be taking part.  Guests can interact with artists and obtain autographs and even request commissions.  Literary agents, collectors, and universities also attend to scope out new talent and purchase work at the yearly event.  Panel discussions will also be on the menu.  Javier says, “we look at it as a tiny Comic Con.  It’s a great chance for you to come spend 10-20 minutes talking to the artists – get an autograph.  It’s so hard at Comic Con, it’s so crowded to try to meet people.  This is a more intimate venue, so you can definitely network and meet people!”

So check out your favorite Latino artist at the event…or learn more about cartooning at your leisure.   Pan dulce consumption not required…

For more information on the event visit: Staff


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