"Comida Caliente":Reality Style Cooking Show Featuring the Vara Family

Posted: Apr 21 2014

Comida Caliente™ Is a Reality Style Cooking Show That Explores Love, Life, And Culture
Through The Eyes Of The Highly Entertaining Vara Family

Houston, Texas -- May 17, 2013 – With a great meal usually being the centerpiece for conversations, family gatherings, celebrations, and much more, it is no wonder why the family kitchen is a main attraction in many homes. In August of 2013, TWELVE18 Media will introduce Comida Caliente™ the first of a series of International reality style cooking shows, that is officially sponsored by Goya.

Comida Caliente™ features The Vara Family and is led by Matriarch, Dene Vara. This family is a highly entertaining bunch, being compared to the Mexican version of The Kardashians, with a different kind of spice. Dene Vara and her three daughters, Danielle, Stefani, and Dianna not only gather in the kitchen to cook up traditional Mexican meals but also solutions to everyday life. We are introduced to an honest depiction of what life is like in the Vara household, their bond with 
one another, and the trials and tribulations they each face separately cook up traditional Mexican meals but also solutions to everyday life. Throughout their daily experiences together and apart, the Vara sisters always know they can rely on their Mama, Dene.

With a family of her own, the eldest daughter Danielle is no stranger to cooking. Stefani, the middle sister is busy establishing herself in a music career and jet-setting around the world, and the youngest sister of the three, Dianna, is still finding her way with love. Dene playfully teases her youngest daughters about their love lives while showing them traditional meals to cook up that she once showed her eldest daughter. Comida Caliente™ is a constant barrel of laughs, that makes cooking with Mom the best gift a girl could have.

Comida Caliente™ is also being executive produced by Stefani Vara. Stefani launched a 30 day Kickstarter campaign, in an effort to raise funds to bring this show into fruition. "Crowdfunding will serve several purposes. Of course, financing is the most important but it gives us an opportunity to directly engage, involve, and interact with our immediate audience. We want to introduce our culture to the masses and also show people that despite cultural differences, we are just like any other family," says Stefani Vara. With exactly one week left, meeting the financial goal is crucial to launching Comida Caliente™ in August 2013.


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