The New Warren Buffet?Jennifer Lopez Spearheading Bi-Cultural Corporate Business Movement

Posted: Apr 21 2014

May is the season of TV “upfronts.”  Not familiar with this annual ritual?  The upfronts refers to the compressed time frame in May when broadcast and cable networks alike introduce their new programming slate to the advertising community to generate excitement and “upfront” advertising dollar commitments for the new season.  It’s a big party, and networks – broadcast and cable alike – work very hard to create buzz and excitement with fast-paced sizzle reels, star wattage from both returning and new shows and, sometimes, even the pop band of the moment. (Several years ago, Maroon 5 performed at the CW upfront; the year before that, the Black-Eyed Peas and The Pussycat Dolls).

This last May, the NuvoTV cable network unveiled their next season’s big surprise: a partnership with Jennifer Lopez acting as their Chief Creative Officer. This new alliance stands as the centerpiece of Nuvo TV’s continuing campaign to target, promote and provide English-language programming for the bicultural Latino audience.

Who or what is a bicultural Latino? For Nuvo TV, bicultural Latinos are a significant and rapidly growing segment of the Latino audience whose identities are shaped by their American experience just as much as they are by their ethnic origin. A radical idea? Maybe not, but it is a radical concept for the hardened orthodoxy governing the advertising industry’s view of the “Hispanic Market.”

Advertisers and their ad dollars have cultivated the Hispanic market by spending on Hispanic media, that being Spanish-language media. However, NuvoTV is attempting to broaden the definition of this market if not change it outright.  Will Lopez help sell the network to advertisers?  This will be an interesting partnership, and it seems Lopez herself is working to build up her portfolio of corporate partnerships which already include a clothes line at Kohls and a recently announced partnership to target the bi-cultural market with Verizon.  While some high profile Hispanics are spearheading the immigration effort, seems Lopez is staying out of that - and heading for the cash registers.

Back to NuvoTV - the cable network actually took to the airwaves in 2004 as SíTV.  In 2011, the network underwent a significant rebranding to Nuvo TV (short for Nuevo Voz).  Regardless of the name, the network has taken as its charge to be the destination for bicultural Latinos, those who are as comfortable in English as they are in Spanish-language format.  And to dispel the myth that Latinos congregate solely around Spanish-language programming. Doing so has big implications for changing the way media represents how we speak, how we watch TV and how we spend our money.

The new collaboration with Ms. Lopez brings a new visibility to the higher tier network channel.  Ms. Lopez’s talent for re-invention and longevity is undeniable.  She has displayed an uncanny ability to chart a multi-faceted pop career and traverse all media from film to music to music judging.  The slate of new programming promises to traverse just as varied genres and topics: reality programming based on Miami hair stylist/personality, Oribe Canales, Stand Up and Deliver, a showcase for Latino comics and a one-on-one interview program hosted by Mario Lopez. 

So will the television programming spearheaded in collaboration with Nuvo TV’s new Chief Creative Officer, Jenifer Lopez offer a substantive change to how the media industry represents and sells the Hispanic population to audiences and advertisers? It's a game we'll have to "watch" and see...

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