Latina Soccer Coach DeDe Gonzalez & Her Lufkin Ladies Soccer Team

Posted: Apr 21 2014

Talking to DeDe Gonzalez, you realize she's a ball of energy.  And it shows in her work in Lufkin, Texas where she's headed up the United Soccer of Texas Women's League as President for numerous years.  Gonzalez says says soccer and working in the league is something she was born to do.  

The Women's League plays year round, and Gonzalez says the women involved are all ages including some teenagers - all the way to senior citizens.  What brings them together is the love of soccer.  Gonzalez says the soccer games and practices also serve as a motivation tool for the women to get together, plan their lives, as well as share day-to-day issues occurring in their lives. 

The soccer bond is strong, and Gonzalez says in some cases it even extends outside the game.  There's been times Gonzalez says "one of the women will call and have a problem, and I'll drop everything to help it if they need to go to the hospital... or any other issues they may be facing".

The women play both against other League teams in the area and nearby towns, and they practice every weekend.  And each weekend, Gonzalez is on the field leading her team...and you may find her husband alongside her too.  He is also a soccer fan, and leads the local men's league. staff


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