"How To Be A Brazilian" by Leblon Cachaca Founder Steve Luttmann

Posted: Apr 21 2014

Inspired by the spirit of Brazil, this one-of-a-kind guide inspires the cool of Brazil.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil June 17, 2013

Anything but cliché, Leblon founder Steve Luttmann’s new book How to Be a Brazilian has hit shelves. Written to illustrate what makes an average Brazilian, in fact extraordinarily Brazilian, and teach readers how to adopt some Brazilian-ness in their lives.

Recently named by CNN as one of the world’s coolest nationalities and home of the celebrated national spirit Leblon cachaça, Brazil inspires. How to Be A Brazilian covers ten topics from O Jeito Brasileiro (The Brazilian Way) and Namorar (Love) to Futebol (Soccer) and Falar (Speak).

“How to be a Brazilian is my attempt to share the insights I’ve picked up over the past 15 years variously living in Brazil, working with Brazilians, and married to a Brazilian,” said Luttmann. “I’m an American who aspires to be Brazilian. And it’s not because of Pelé and Gisele Bundchen, Carnaval queens and the Rio Nightlife. Instead, it’s how average Brazilians living in average places live their daily lives that is so enchanting to me. The book embodies this.”

Luttmann has included stunning photography of Brazil, some simple recipes for an afternoon Churrasco (Barbecue) and Feijoada (Brazil’s national dish), and of course great Caipirinha and other cocktail recipes. To go along with your Brazilian party, Luttmann has also put together a three-hour playlist covering all the bases that will pair perfectly with an afternoon Churrasco. Of course, what’s a party and music without some sexy Samba and a Leblon Caipirinha.

There is nothing more Brazilian than a Praia (Beach) experience done properly. In the chapter, Praia (The Beach), Luttmann explains that “to be a true Brazilian – specifically a Carioca, a native to Rio de Janeiro – it’s not enough to go to the beach and act like you do in Miami or southern California, or even Nantucket. You need to ‘do the beach,’ Brazilian-style. In other words, the beach is not a place. It’s an activity…Attire is very important, and Brazil is hot, so people are proud of their bodies, no matter what they look like.”

How to Be a Brazilian by Steve Luttmann is available for purchase at Amazon.com 
, and is also available in eBook format from the iTunes bookstore. It’s cool to be Brazilian, even just a little. So learn some Portuguese, have your friends over for a Churrasco and Caipirinhas, turn on the music, and enjoy. Saúde!



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