New Tastes Hitting Baby Food Shelves? Hispanic & Asian Flavors!

Posted: Apr 21 2014

Remember 20 years ago?  Coffee was just your regular .75 cent coffee you got anywhere, iced tea...never bottled, soft drinks - yes only diet and regular, coconut water - well something that only came from trees, and orange juice - yeah it was just orange juice (not pulp-free, calcium enriched, mango orange etc.)  Fast forward 20 years to now.

Enter baby food!

The next wave in product segmentation looks to be hitting shelves these days in the form of specialized baby foods appealing to Hispanic as well as Asian tastes.  We gotta admit - apparently Gerber tried a Hispanic line about 8 years ago - but it didn't do too well.  These days though, everything Hispanic is gaining appeal again suddenly - and targeted baby food looks to be just the ticket!

Companies like Beech-Nut as well as traditionally Hispanic - Goya Foods are now the companies first in line to hit the market right now - with specialized baby food to appeal to the Hispanic consumer.  Get ready for specialized baby food like pureed mango, guayaba and other typically tropical foods to infiltrate the baby food market for these brands.

For the Asian consumer, with the population boom in Asia, baby food sales are soaring - and not just in Asia as many of these brands are also being cross-promoted in the United States.  Companies like Heinz (who led the Asian market in baby snacks with 54.7% of the market in 2009) are developing food and associated branding campaigns to appeal to the rising Asian middle class.  After a baby food health scare a few years ago in Asia, companies are rushing to show consumers how their brands are not only safe - but also healthy and nutritious.

So - anyone (or rather any baby) for some pureed shrimp?  Or perhaps some pureedcarne de res?

Yep - believe it - these segmented, and diverse tastes are coming our way shortly.  And who knows - these new foods may be just the way to get our kids introduced to new healthy foods - while also appealing to their taste buds.

Heck, who knows might teach our kids early on to become gourmet connoisseurs.  But no seriously - either way - it's a great way to start diversifying your child's food palate - from an early age. staff


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