Latina Tennis Players @ U.S. Open Drawing Hispanic Viewers

Posted: Apr 21 2014

Putting in a quick plug for 19 year old Puerto Rican tennis player, Monica Puig. She’s leading the way for a new generation of Hispanic female tennis players. It’s been a while since we’ve seen any Latina tennis stars…a long while. The last one who made a name for herself was Mary Joe Fernandez who retired from tennis in 2000.

Now at the tennis open, Puerto Rican flags were waving at Puig’s first match, and another Latina – Maria Sanchez (ranked 11th) began doubles play today. Puig is ranked 44th in the world, and embodies persistence as defined by her slogan “pica power”. Several Puerto Rican tennis fans had even flown in specifically for the match. Keep an eye on this lady, while she lost her first match at the Open – she’s one to watch. Pica!

If want to check her out on Twitter where she tweets pretty regularly - it's @MonicaAce93 staff


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