Beware the T-Shirt & Republican Math: Wrap Up of Week's News

Posted: Apr 21 2014

It’s been another interesting week in Hispanic latino news even if most of the news has been about Syria (and cute pictures of the president’s new dog Sunny).

Nice article about Rachel Villanueva of Arizona carrying on her husband’s legacy by obtaining appointment to his city council seat after he passed away.

How are Texas and California split on immigration? Let us count the ways and the Wall Street Journal lays out the differences between the blue California and the red state of Texas. Speaking of Texas, the Bush’s are moving in to reclaim lost political territory by getting involved in the discussion on immigration. Also George P. Bush is running for office in Texas.

If you want to speak to U.S. Rep. Steve Womack (R-Ark.) be sure NOT to wear a t-shirt with a Mexican flag on it. Wonder what he’d think of a t-shirt with a Icelandic flag, or how about Switzerland? Maybe a conversation then…  

28 year old Hispanic mayor James Diossa of Central Falls will be running for re-election unopposed this fall.

And finally something we know already – nonetheless – here is math from The Atlantic– that mathematically republicans can’t win with white voters alone.

There seems to be a new study on Hispanic spending power every week right? Well this new study says 
the average Hispanic household will outspend its non-Hispanic household counterpart by $400,000 on average over a lifespan. And Hispanics love their coupons says this other study. Alright these Hispanic households are gonna need to eat! And so thus Jimmy Dean, stalwart of the American breakfast aisle – now has... wait for it --- a Spanish language TV commercial – targeting Latinos.  On another food topic - cheese.  At cheese and dairy farms well first there were lotsa Latinos working at the dairy farms and now they are putting out Latin American style cheeses with great U.S. market success.

Want to 
call Mexico free visit any Cricket on Mexican Independence day – that is September 16th – and the folks at Cricket will let you do just that.

Yes, we have all read the articles on how to capture the Hispanic market. Well here isForbes take on 5 steps to capturing the Hispanic market.

The rise of Spanish language TV in Texas is chronicled in this great article in the Texas Tribune – did you know Texas will be 55% Hispanic in 2040. Phew!

Did you know Miami 
has its own English language…that’s thanks to 5 decades of Hispanic immigration.

More stuff we know… the number of Hispanics has grown exponentially in the U.S. But this article depicts by just how much - check out this pictorial by The Atlanticvisualizing Hispanic growth across the U.S. from 1980 to 2011. Hispanics have grown from 14.6 million people in 1980 to 52 million people now. Amazing!

Spanish language TV does not score an Obama interview on Syria. They are not happy…cue Univision annoyance.

Did you know – 
a new study reports Hispanics are the highest average salary earners in the NFL. Hello Tony Romo, Mark Sanchez, Arian Foster and others…

More studies (this must be studies week) that 
Black and Hispanic women are more likely to be counseled on emergency contraceptives.

-Zee Diaz


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