9/27 Fertility Research Study: NYC Clinic Seeking Hispanic Women with PCOS

Posted: Apr 21 2014

Neway Fertility, a leading New York City fertility clinic specializing in natural fertility treatments, has launched a research study for women with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) and infertility. The study will offer up to 20 women a free procedure known as IVM (in vitro maturation), a natural alternative to conventional IVF. 

IVM is a groundbreaking treatment that offers a virtually drug-free, low-cost, minimally invasive approach to fertility. It has seen great success around the globe, with more than 4,000 live births worldwide – more than 1/4 of them under the direction of Neway’s founder, fertility pioneer Dr. Jin-Ho Lim. This treatment is ideal for women with hormone-sensitive issues like PCOS, who cannot tolerate the high doses of ovarian stimulation drugs required by traditional IVF.

As many as 17% of Hispanic women struggle with PCOS  - a hormonal imbalance affecting the ovaries that makes pregnancy difficult and fertility treatments nearly impossible due to the high doses of drugs required to stimulate the ovaries. Neway Fertility’s new study of IVM, a procedure that requires little to no fertility drugs, is a perfect solution for Hispanic women with PCOS.

To participate in the study, you must be under the age of 35, suffer from PCOS, and have difficulty getting pregnant. All study participants must have active health insurance to qualify. For more information, please contact: 
(212) 750-3330 (M-F 9:30 AM to 3:00 PM) 
or visit 


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