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Posted: Apr 21 2014

Now with more than 7,000 member businesses in 36 states, Hispanic small business directory En-phone.com celebrates its roots and looks forward to linking Spanish-speakers in the U.S. with the Hispanic small businesses eager to serve them.

Minneapolis (HISPANIC.COM) Sept. 5, 2013—Call it the power of a good taco: it’s the driving force behind the founding back in 2011 of En-phone.com, the nation’s most complete Hispanic small business directory. Now with more than 7,000 member businesses in 36 states, En-phone.com is celebrating its dynamic growth and preparing for expansion.

“During the winter holidays of 2011, I wanted to see if my favorite taco shop in Minneapolis was open,” said Mario Lopez, founder of En-phone.com. “I searched Google, Bing and Yahoo! but I couldn’t find the basic information about this small shop. I instantly realized small businesses like my favorite taco shop that cater to Hispanics needed a directory so people can contact them. A few months later, En-phone.com was born—all because of the power of a taco!”

Leading the nation in demographic growth every year, Hispanics in the United States make up 16.3% of the U.S. population, according to the 2010 Census, and represent more than $1 trillion in buying power. En-phone.com serves this rapidly growing community by providing a link between Hispanic-oriented businesses and people who prefer to speak Spanish when dealing with a lawyer, doctor, dentist, towing company, insurance agent or tax preparer.

Easy to use, En-phone.com provides a state-by-state listing of small businesses that cater to Spanish-speaking customers. Employing Spanish text and intuitive icons, the En-phone.com small business listings are further broken down by geographical location as well as type of service.

With a few clicks, En-phone.com users working on desktop computers, tablets or mobile phones can be connected to businesses in their city, businesses eager to serve them in Spanish. Each En-phone.com entry provides users a business’ address, hours of operation, phone number, product or service and much more.

In addition to professional services, the En-phone.com Hispanic business directory offers links to other essentials for the Hispanic community. En-phone.com includes listings from small businesses offering quinceañera dresses, baked goods, shoes, Mexican cowboy boots, herbs and groceries. There are even listings so users can keep track of their favorite musical acts and mariachi bands.

“I think back to my favorite taco shop and how En-phone.com began,” said Lopez. “With the growth of Hispanic business directory En-phone.com, small businesses like that amazing shop are now reaching more potential customers, customers who appreciate service in Spanish, and increasing their sales. It’s a win-win for our community.”  

Companies providing goods and services to the Hispanic community can quickly and easily become a part of the dynamic En-phone.com Hispanic business directory by visiting 
www.en-phone.com and clicking on the Registration icon. A basic En-phone.com membership comes at no cost for businesses and users who search En-phone.com never pay a fee for doing so.

About En-phone.com

Founded in 2011 and based in Minneapolis, En-phone.com is the most complete directory of small businesses across the United States that serves the vibrant Hispanic community. 
Learn more at www.en-phone.com.


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