10/17 New Book by Latina Author Uses Poetry to Reflect on Life’s Lessons

Posted: Apr 22 2014

October 17, 2013: Hispanic.com: Orange County, California – Lucia De Garcia has published a new book titled “Lucia De Garcia, A Peaceful Light”.

The eponymous author uses poetry and prose to reflect on the odyssey of her travels, shaped and refined by the trials and tribulations of life, presenting a collection of works imbued with spirituality that will provide encouragement to readers who wish to achieve unity and tranquility in their own lives. 

“In my writings and lectures I share some experiences impressions and impacts of traveling across the world, gently revealing my own journey to transform the place where I live, thus transforming the planet and at the same time transforming myself,” De Garcia says. 

The lessons learned in this spirit journey are distilled in Lucia De Garcia, A Peaceful Light: My Odyssey to the Center of the Heart, a collection of works that, as a whole, comprise a truly magical and soulful story. De Garcia is a spiritual mentor for many seeking peace, harmony and transformation, for her writings touch upon the most serene and mystic places across the globe, while radiating sensitivity and charm from within the sacred core – coalescing into an expression of divine love through the medium of poetry. 

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About the Author
Laureate poet and writer, social innovator, Lucia De Garcia lectures across the world on creating Peace with other cultures, traditions and spiritual beliefs. Born in Colombia, South America, she is multilingual, multicultural and appears on national and international media. She is profiled in the 1996 Simon & Schuster’s “Latino Success, Insights from 100 of America’s Most Powerful Latino Business Professionals.” She is also the author of “Building Bridges of Understanding – My Personal Quest for Unity and Peace” and the Spanish version “Creando Puentes de Comprension – Mi Conquista por la Unidad y la Paz”. The Spanish version of “Lucia De Garcia - A Peaceful Light” (Una Luz de Paz) will be available December 2013.

For more information please contact Lucia De Garcia e-mail: luciadegarcia2012@gmail.com
www.luciadegarcia.com and www.buildingbridgesbook.com 


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