Interview: Cartoonist/Author of 'The Amazing Amigos' & 'Paleta Man': Paul Ramirez

Posted: Apr 22 2014 is very pleased to speak with Paul Ramirez, the creator of a band of Latino superheroes, ‘The Amazing Amigos’. ‘Paleta Man’ is one of The Amazing Amigos, and Paul has written 3 books on ‘Paleta Man’s’ adventures. ‘Paleta Man’ is an everyday ice cream vendor who buys a chest with a gold medallion which turns him into a superhero. Paul is also a film maker, producer, and has other books that he’s also published to include a crime drama ‘A Macho Gone Mad’ and a thriller, ‘The Curse de Oro’. Ramirez’s body of work is influenced by the Latino life. He says ‘I cater to Latinos as I feel it’s a niche that’s not being filled’.

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Note: ‘paleta’ translates to English as ‘ice cream’ or ‘popsicle’ Paul, ‘Paleta Man’ is such a great name. Where did the inspiration for Paleta Man come from?
Paul: Well I received inspiration for ‘Paleta Man’ when I was living in San Antonio. You’d see these guys walking all over town with their ‘paleta’ cart. Kids follow the ice cream vendors, the kids wait for them and you can hear their bells ringing as they signal to folks that they are walking by.

The ‘Paleta Man’ can make a great superhero. They are there on the streets, but a lot of time people don’t realize it -it’s like an unseen thing. I’m in Houston right now, you see the ‘paleta’ men all time. And it’s not just a Hispanic thing, a few years ago, I was out in L.A. and there was a ‘paleta’ man surrounded by kids, so many kids of all nationalities. You couldn’t see him or the cart for all the kids there.

Why a Hispanic superhero?
Well I felt that Latino kids all over the world deserved their own superheroes. I wanted to create a positive Hispanic character with good moral values.

What feedback do you get on ‘Paleta Man’? What are moms saying?
What I hear back is ‘Wow, it’s about time’. That’s what most of the mothers, and even non-Latino women have said. In fact I even get non-Hispanic feedback from parents who say, this is a great way to for my child to learn about Latino culture and learn some Spanish.

Are more books coming?
Definitely, right now our books sell all over the world. The ‘Paleta Man’ exists in so many other countries, so the story definitely resonates. Right now we are working on a couple of new books, as well as film development of live action feature films via animation to extend the brand.

For more information on ‘Paleta Man’ or any of his ‘Amazing Amigos’ including ‘Charro Kid’, ‘La Loba’, and ‘El Miraculo’ visit Paul’s website at:

Follow Paul on Twitter at: @SoyPaletaMan
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