Hispanic Foods Go Mainstream: Tortilla Chips Selling Faster than Potato Chips

Posted: Apr 22 2014

Have you noticed more tacos in your life? I have. 

Why? Because there are so many more places offering them now! I live in Washington DC, and it’s long left me longing for a good taco. However these days, my taco craving doesn’t last too long cause many many more places are offering up tacos on their menus. This includes Asian spots, mainstream American places, Belgian themed mussels places, traditional seafood restaurant. You name it, and they’ve probably got a taco (of some sort) on the menu.

In fact, here in D.C.’s Georgetown there’s been a Mexican food place for the decade that I’ve been here. But suddenly in the last year, 2 new Mexican spots have opened (and that doesn’t include all the spots that already have Mexican food on the menu). 

Remember Italian food, and how swiftly it became a part of the American culture back in the 20th century? Hispanic inspired foods are already being embraced by Americans everywhere. I mean, what is the Super Bowl without a good tortilla chip? Tortilla sales have outpaced sales of burger and hot dog buns.

Here’s a brief chart I’ve put together taking a look at the growth of Latin food in the U.S. market

Hispanic food/beverage market overall value

2012: $8 Billion dollars

2017 estimate: $11 Billion dollars

Chip Market Change 
(last year)

Tortilla Chips
3.7% growth

Potato Chips
2.2% growth

Salsa vs Ketchup sales

2010 Salsa Sales
271 million jars

2010 Ketchup Sales
256 million jars

Tequila Blanco consumption

2009: 19.6 million liters

2011: 29.3 million liters

-Zee Diaz
Zee is a writer for Hispanic.com


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