Interview: Ghost Hunter Johnny Castillo: Supernatural Research Society - San Antonio

Posted: Apr 22 2014 had the great opportunity to speak with Johnny Castillo, founder of the Supernatural Research Society in San Antonio, Texas. Johnny, how did you get involved in the paranormal field. 
Castillo: The paranormal field is something that I started becoming fascinated several years ago. I was particularly interested in how the field uses science to validate the paranormal. It’s fascinating to work on a case and bring science to it, while working on debunking unexplained occurrences. We already know there are things that cannot be explained out there. Applying science to these instances as well as analyzing and reassuring property owners, is something our group really enjoys.

Why did you start the Supernatural Research Society?
Well, I’d been working in the paranormal myself for quite a while, and slowly over time I built up a team to work on the investigations with me. It’s a great team, it’s a team of four and I’m actually the only guy on the team! 

Please explain the work your team does when it’s at a reported paranormal site. (That's a picture of two Supernatural Research Society team members on the right: Nicole & Anissa Colin)
Sure! Some people feel like they are going crazy when they believe they are experiencing what may be para
normal happenings. Our job is to try to providereassurance and try and help the property owners. We do our best to come up with actual, solid scientific reasons for things that could be causing any unexplainable issues. It’s important that property owners feel better about things that may be happening in their homes or properties. 

How does a typical investigation happen? Is it really like what we see on tv?
The way we work, is we start with an interview with the client and what they have experienced. We also do other research on the property – anything that’s happened in the past 10 years or even what was on the land or what happened on the land before the property was built. Next, we visit the property during the day to get a feel for it. After these steps, we’ll proceed with the investigation. During the investigation we send people to different locations in a house or property. My paranormal team will take pictures or we will be recording video of certain areas throughout the time we are at the property. We really try to document as much as possible. We mark the time. We debunk as much as possible. For example, if doors close by themselves, we’ll look for changes – temperature changes or air vents near those locations. We analyze what we can, we separate anything we think is important, and we’ll take that evidence back to the client. 

With this field – the paranormal field – we are normally talking to an empty room. It really helps people feel better when we can analyze what they experience and provide a rational explanation. If they have any additional concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Have you found things you are not able to explain?

Yes – there have been strange occurrences during some of our investigations. We categorize this as anything that happens that we can’t find a rational and/or scientific explanation for.

Have you ever used Spanish in any of your investigations?
We did encounter one spirit which only spoke Spanish. The daughter who lived in the house when she grew up helped us translate some in an attempt to communicate with him, who she believed was her father. We are looking for a bilingual investigator, if that’s you let us know! 

Can you provide some example of occurrences you haven’t been able to explain?
In a certain client’s house, we had the camera set up in a room and we noticed a noise and then something hit 
the camera and moved the camera. No voice came over the voice recorder but something hit the camera, you can see the camera video move when we reply in the video. In that same house, we heard footsteps in other rooms. But when we went to those rooms, no one was there.

In another instance, we did an investigation Yorktown Memorial in Yorktown,Tx.(That's a picture of Yorktown Memorial Hospital just above and below right, a Hospital hallway.) It used to be used as a hospital in the 50s. We were trying figure out why a old piece of hospital machinery was giving off energy on our EMF detectors. We couldn’t figure out scientifically why they were triggering the EMF’s. This machine had been sitting there for 20 years or more unused and had not been plugged in – in decades! And while we were perplexed and studying the machine, something hit the door behind us in the next room. There was only four of us in the building and we were all together. I captured it all on a digital voice recorder.

There really are interesting and strange things that happen. They don’t happen too often, but when you find them, it’s great – it’s like finding a needle in a haystack or a pot of gold. 

To get in touch with Johnny and the Supernatural Research Society or contact them on Facebook at 
Twitter @txsrs13
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