Interview: Chatting with Tony Argueta of 'La Voz Latina'/'The DMV Latinos'

Posted: Apr 22 2014 is very pleased to have the opportunity to speak to ‘La Voz Latina’ (aka @THEDMVLATINOS on Twitter aka Tony Argueta). Tony is the person behind the Hispanic social media effort of ‘La Voz Latina’/’The DMV Latinos’ which has thousands of followers, and focuses on the ‘DMV’ which is Washington DC, Virginia, and Maryland.
Why did you start ‘La Voz Latina’/’The DMV Latinos’? And where can we find you guys?
Argueta: I actually started up The DMV Latinos with my brother, who’s an upcoming artist in the area (@YoungJuiceDMV).  As we started to get the word out and our social media accounts slowly great and then started booming with followers, the effort really started catching on! Next, just one month after starting ‘The DMV Latinos’ I was approached by a local radio host to join his radio show and do a Spanish Segment Called ‘La Buya’ (The Noise) on WLVS Radio Station. While the show provided an outlet to get our name out there, it also gave me an opportunity to become producer of the show, which was ultimately a great learning experience that lasted about a year and a half.

Hispanic.comAmazing!  So now, you have a large community of followers, what’s your strategy? 
Argueta: Quite honestly, I just try to help out the community any way I can, all while staying relevant. And of course, I always try to stay neutral and respectful as I communicate with everyone who seeks my services. An added bonus is that I actually I went to school with a lot of the local DJ’s who are now on the radio in this area and so it’s a good informal partnership. I’ve partnered up with radio stations such as, ‘El Zol 107.9 fm’ as well as ‘La Nueva 87.7 fm’.

Hispanic.comYou also help the community and Latinos in improving communities. Right now we are talking at a fundraising event for El Salvador. Tell us about your involvement.
Argueta: Well, we get requests from a lot of people, and we work with organizations such as ESNA Village Network, which focuses on the rural parts of El Salvador as well as Will Rap 4 Food Inc., whose focus is to make people aware of the fight against hunger. I traveled to El Salvador not long ago and volunteered on a delegation focusing on donation of clothes, eco-friendly stoves, scholarship funds, as well as other materials for the villages. We visited many places while in El Salvador, and although the struggle of everyday living is visible, one thing is for sure no matter how bad the struggle, the people of El Salvador are as humble as can be. My family is originally from El Salvador, so it was a really an eye-opening time for me, it definitely made me appreciate a lot of the things I have here. It’s important to remember and help the people in the countries from where we came from.

Hispanic.comSo what’s next for The DMV Latinos?
Argueta: Although I do have a real day job as a structural engineer, I see our social media work with The DMV Latinos as my way to help the community. I plan on continuing to get word out on community, club events, as well as keeping our community informed with breaking news and anything that has to do with empowering Latinos. My main purpose since day one has been to unite cultures and help everyone out in any way that we can, regardless of nationality or cultural backgrounds.

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