Interview: ¡Pa'delante Tejas! at the Texas Democratic Party

Posted: Apr 22 2014 is excited to have the chance to speak with the folks at ¡Pa'delante Tejas! at the Texas Democratic Party. Great to meet you guys!  Tell us about ¡Pa'delante Tejas!
¡Pa'delante Tejas!: We are an online Latino outreach initiative, and we are focusing on Facebook and Twitter.  We are working on growing our audience there and it’s great!  We use a lot of cultural references to connect Hispanics with our Democratic community.  For example not too long ago, we did a series on ‘La Valiente Wendy’.  It involved references to the popular ‘Loteria’ game.  It’s important also to note, a lot of our efforts are focusing on Latino youth.  

We are based out of Austin, and are part of the Texas Democratic Party.  Our goal is to provide a platform, for Latino life, living, Texas, and culture and not just have a political (Democratic/Republican) focus.

As we get closer to 2014 our platform will coordinate events, meetings, town halls etc.  It’ll be a forum for folks to discuss policies that matter to Latinos.

When did ¡Pa'delante Tejas! start?
We started working on this effort about a month ago.  It’s an ongoing effort to diversify our outreach efforts.  We recently rebuilt our website and had it translated into Spanish.  The reason we did this, is because Latinos have always been a key component of our party, so we realized we needed to develop an ongoing platform – it’s really an extension of the ongoing work we do with the Hispanic community.    We believe Latinos place an emphasis on Texas values, which overlaps with our party goals.

Judge Hinojosa was recently elected as the chair or the Democratic party here in Texas– and the party here has been shifting its efforts to spotlight diverse communities and the shared values of Texas.  

We’ve been hearing a lot about efforts to turn Texas blue.  How is that going?
Our work is to support the effort to turn Texas blue.  This includes furthering issues such as immigration reform and the Dream Act.  

How’s the reception been for the new ¡Pa'delante Tejas! effort?
It’s been really good – we’ve had many people reaching out who’ve said they are happy we are doing things in Spanish.  There are so many people in Texas that speak both languages, and in fact there’s a greater emphasis now by folks to speak Spanish in Texas.  People are looking forward to what we are doing.

¡Pa’delante Tejas! isn’t traditional campaign work.  We’re collaborating with elected officials, as well as local artists and musicians who want to get engaged with this platform.  It’s really a cultural communications effort! 

How are elected officials getting involved with Pa’delante?
Elected officials are giving us feedback and providing informative multimedia via communications through video or other methods.    

Awesome!  So tell us, how did you choose the Pa’delante name?  
It’s slang and how a lot of us Latinos talk.  It was the hands down winner when we were choosing a name!  People can identify with it.  

To connect with ¡Pa'delante Tejas visit:
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