Hispanics More Likely to Use Coupons

Posted: Apr 22 2014

Do you coupon? Yeah, neither do I, but I wish I did.

For many Hispanics, using coupons is a great way to save a little cash, in fact Hispanics are 29% more likely to use coupons than the general population. That’s a lot!

Here’s the breakdown on coupon use according to a new study by Valassis:


% Hispanic responses

% of all responses

Online coupon (based on recommendation)



Discounts from mobile/downloaded to loyalty card



Coupons found on social media sites



Shares coupons via social media



Last week I saw a mom on a tv show who had couponing down to a science. They showed how her total on a $650 grocery bill after coupons was .32 cents. Amazing.

The stats provide some interesting outlooks on Hispanic spending habits. Important to note if you are a retailer targeting Hispanics. 
If I was trying to penetrate the market, I'd especially consider social media.  (the 4th row in the chart above) Coupons shared in social media are low cost as well as passive advertising being done by word of mouth. And that’s some of the best recommendation that a retailer can get.

-Zee Diaz


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