Where are the Hispanic Authors in Fantasy, Sci-Fi, & Horror Fiction?

Posted: Apr 22 2014

Read any books by any good Hispanic authors lately? How ‘bout any books by Latino authors in the genres of “speculative literature” i.e. fantasy, sci-fi, horror, magic realism and fabulist fiction? I don’t think I’ve ever read a book by a Latino author in the realm of speculative literature. And the reason for this as the folks at “La Bloga” (a blog with updates by several Hispanic authors) blog have pointed out, is because there are very few Hispanic authors in the genre of speculative literature that have been published. Ever.

In fact, the numbers are slim – so much so that in a 16 year period, only 2 Hispanic novelists were published, from 1976-1991. Only 2 Latina authors were published in 33 years, from 1976-2008. There’s a great chart assembled by “La Bloga” which has more of the findings on Latino books published, and tracks the yearly publishings by Hispanic authors in the speculative literature genre.

With so many great Hispanic authors out there, “La Bloga” is predicting “La Gran Entrada” for Hispanic authors is on it’s way. I certainly hope so. The speculative literature genre is a great tool for inspiring imaginative thought, and it can only help inspire our kids as the population shifts more and more Latino in the coming years.

Check out “La Bloga” at LaBloga.Blogspot.com

-Thalia Valencia


  • Posted by Adrian Mendoza on January 08, 2015

    I hope to be part of “La Gran Entrada”. I too wrote a sci fi novel with a diverse cast called The Kaleidoscope: The Gift of Madness. With any luck and a whole lot of work, I hope it gets recognized as a piece worth reading. Adrian Mendoza – tkp77.com

  • Posted by Samuel Ramirez Friedman on July 10, 2014

    I wrote a YA Fantasy novel with a Latino main character but whether the literary agents or publishers will think it is worth publishing is the big question.

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