Courting Hispanic Car Sales, the 1st Hispanic Auto SuperStore

Posted: Apr 22 2014

Sure carmakers have long been pursuing the Hispanic car market, and in fact numerous ad agencies now court theHispanic market with marketing dollars. In fact researchers are calling for increased “purchase intent” by Hispanic consumers.

Well it’s all just in time for ‘Tio Chuy’s’.

‘Tio Chuy’s’ is a new auto superstore opening to cater to a primary customer of Hispanics/Latinos. ‘Tio Chuy’s’ will be located in Oklahoma City and will be operated by Oklahoma City car business veterans: Rich Barnard, David Frayer, and Shawn Richardson who saw an opportunity in the Hispanic market.

The dealership’s plan is to offer several alternative payment structures to appeal to the unique needs of the Hispanic market in the state. It’s an interesting market tactic, and one that’s already been used to great success by grocery stores in the Southwest in the vein of Fiesta supermarkets and later HEB Mi Tienda which cater particularly to the Latino consumer.

-Thalia Valencia


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