Secrets to Picking a Sweet Pineapple in the Fruit Aisle

Posted: Apr 22 2014

My goal was a juicy, ripe pineapple. I was in the fruit aisle, and dreaming of eating future sweet pineapple slices. However, between me and this vision of freshly cut pineapple was the daunting task of picking- not just any pineapple, but a good pineapple. And that my friends, is hard work. 

Too many times I’ve ended up at home like a lot of us, cutting through that prickly pineapple skin in hopes of finding sweet fresh fruit, and ended up sorely disappointed with bland pineapple so tasteless. Yes, I eventually end up throwing those insipid pineapple out completely.

Can I say disappointing? So back to the fruit aisle. I decided to give a pineapple purchase another go. And this was thebestpineapple…EVER.

How’d I do it? Here’s what I did:
I picked up the pineapples and leaned towards pineapples that were heavier than others of the same size. Also, in comparing the fruits, some were more yellow/orange under their skin than others which had a green/grey tinge to their pineapple exterior. And then? The most scientific secret of all – that quite frankly, was pretty embarrassing and at the time I certainly wasn’t sure it was going to work. I smelled them! The pineapple that smelled most like sweet fresh pineapple was the winner. I got a few strange looks, but it was so worth it when I got home and cut the pineapple open. One note, there were a few that smelled sweet – but looking at the bottom, some of them were quite easy to push at the bottom –which to my mind indicates a too ripe fruit.  So be careful it's not too "squishy" to the touch at the bottom.

Here’s to wishing you luck with your next pineapple selection!

-Zee Diaz
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