Part 2: Mexican Beef Red Salsa Enchiladas :Enchiladas Rojas De Picadillo de Res, by Nathan

Posted: Apr 22 2014

Note: this is continued from Part 1Red Chile Beef Enchildas: Enchiladas Rojas De Picadillo de Res by Nathan

Directions to assemble/ make enchiladas:
Heat a medium NON-STICK frying pan over medium high heat. Add a little oil about a teaspoon just enough to lightly coat.

(2) When pan becomes hot, dip tortilla in red chile sauce, add to hot pan, careful it will jump a bit make sure pan is not too hot, just medium high.

(3) Quickly remove with spatula, put on plate you are going to serve, add 1 tablespoon or so of ground beef mixture, fold over with spatula, and then fold over again carefully to roll it. 

(4) While pan frying in the pan, the tortilla will bubble and puff a bit about three seconds, lightly swoosh around with spatula, flip and let it puff lightly another 3 seconds.

(5) Repeat steps 1-3 for each person you are serving, these enchiladas are meant to be put together at the moment you are going to serve them. If you have leftover sauce and filling it’s fine, you can save it in fridge, and then when ready to make heat up filling, and start doing step 1-3 as needed. Everything can be prepped in advance. 


Garnish with all toppings, and EAT!

-Nathan Gutierrez
Nathan is a writer for and an avid chef of Mexican, Cuban, Spanish, and many types of ethnic food.


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