Best Breakfast Taco Throw Down!Austin vs San Antonio War

Posted: Apr 22 2014

My favorite breakfast taco is bacon and egg...

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Growing up in San Antonio, I ate breakfast tacos everyday starting in elementary school.  Those were the early days of Taco Cabana, and for my mom - boy oh boy - it was like the San Antonio version of McDonalds!  Everyday, we'd rush through the drive thru on the way to school and pick up breakfast tacos.  In fact - it wasn't until high school, that we moved to Houston - and I was introduced to bagels! Yes, I had never seen a bagel until high school.  (It seems weird to think about now!)

After I graduated college, one of my jobs in San Antonio used to regularly bring in breakfast tacos in the morning.  Now, working on the east coast - no one around here has even heard of a breakfast taco!  (Yeah, if we were in San Antonio...well that would be unheard of!)

So now these days - while sure Taco Cabana is still around - when I visit my folks - we typically head to Taco House, Las Palapas, Mama Margie's, El Mirador, Rosarios, and even Chacho's to pick up tacos all day long.

Ok - so it took me a while to get here - but here's a link to the Twitter war where people take sides on the best breakfast taco. 

Is it San Antonio or Austin?

People are taking sides - Austin is staying "weird" and San Antonio is making the claim to being the birthplace of the breakfast taco!

What's your preference?


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