Dinner? Eating Lightly Toasted Beetle (Grubs) Tacos: Mexican Chahuis

Posted: Apr 22 2014

Mmmm tastly - beetle tacos.  Yep, beetle tacos.  In this case chahuis which you'll find on dinner plates in may states all around Mexico.  

Chahuis are a type of edible beetle that feeds off of certain types of Mesquite trees.  So really you'll find chahuis here in the U.S. too.  In fact, we commonly refer to these types of beetles as "grubs".  You can buy chahuis at some Mexican markets - or really you can just find 'em in your backyard.  I just googled "grubs" and seems alot of U.S. homeowners are struggling to get rid of grubs from taking over their lawns.  So if you're one of those folks - well...just consider 'em dinner. (Send me an invite...)

It's not unusual to eat beetles, bugs, insects etc. In Malaysia you can eat sago worms, and in other parts of Asia - it's not out of the norm to take a snack on grasshoppers.  In Beijing there's a night food market I visited once where you can scorpions, spiders, crickets etc. (all on a stick).

Ok, back to chahuis.  How to cook them?  Well a variety of ways.  Some ways I know about are pan-fried with bacon.  Or with garlic and onions and Mexican spices.  They are good crunchy - so any method that toasts them well - with regular pan/stir frying would get that good crunch going.

Now to eat them - they are great with guacamole, some beans and sour cream on a taco.  Don't let the taco sit too long or it'll lose its crunch.

Why not host a grubs/chahuis dinner party?  Betcha it'll be a memorable meal...

-Hispanic.com staff


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