On Phytonutrients: Lamb with Grilled Cilantro Onions

Posted: Apr 22 2014

I love grilled onions.  And last night I readthis interesting NY Times article on how our modern society has bred the nutrients out of alot of food... but apparently herbs and especially scallions have a ton of what the article terms as "phytonutrients".  So of course - reading about onions made me have onions on the brain.  In the evening getting home, I spotted an onion in my fridge and decided to make as much of aphytonutrient filled meal as possible.  So I added a lamb steak I bought on sale at the grocery store along with some phytonutrient-filled cilantro. (I'm growing some cilantro on my window sill, and always looking to put it in stuff.)

The meal turned out great- and if you do the low carb thing- this is for you! 

Lamb Steak
Cook meat on high heat on each side until done to your preference.  Season with salt and pepper.


Grilled Onions/Scallions
-1/2 an onion: (If using an onion estimate about 1/2 a large onion per person. If using a scallion use about a small bunch per person -about 6-8 scallions - include the green and white parts)
-10 cilantro leaves (I have alot of cilantro thanks to my plant - if you like less-use less)
-Cayenne pepper (Optional- if you like it spicy, add some)
-Pinch of salt and pepper

Quickly grill/stir fry the onions on medium-high heat - preferably in the same pan as the lamb steak, incorporating some of the juices.  Cook until very translucent, and even a little bit browned.  Serve with a garnish of fresh cilantro.

It's a quick meal - and a great way to get some of these phytonutrients folks are talking about into your diet!


-Zee Diaz 


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