Next Up: Three Kings Day & Rosca de Reyes

Posted: Apr 22 2014

BBrrrrr.Ok.  NOW it’s cold. It finally got cold outside. A friend called from Texas and said it was 26 degrees. Flash forward to my phone beeping 5 minutes later with a picture of my friend Rob’s plane getting de-iced at DFW. 

    So in part to warm up cause it’s COLD, and also – It’s Three Kings Day next week “Dia de Reyes”.  Here’s a nice recipe for some awesome Rosca de Reyes.  Many Hispanics/Latinos in other countries eat Rosca de Reyes to celebrate Three Kings Day.  It’s a sweet bread in which typically a toy or fava bean is baked into the bread. Whoever manages to get the piece of the bread with the treat inside is the “king” or “queen” for the meal – or you may also be tasked to have a party on February 2nd.

    Here’s a link to one of our favorite recipes for Rosca de Reyes by King Arthur’s flour.  Just be prepared, as this will take a little while to prepare!


    -Thalia Staff Writer


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