How To Make: Fresh Orange Caipirinha

Posted: Apr 22 2014 is muy excited to announce the launch of its how to "Latin Food" series with a "How To" video on how to make a Fresh Orange Caipirinha.  Luca Giovannini, mixologist at the Quill bar at the Jefferson Hotel in Washington DC and a partner at Venerate Mixologydemonstrates in the following video.

Venerate Mixology: For this drink we wanted to highlight cachaca, a liquor that has transcended from a hidden treasure of Brazil and Latin America to one of world renown.


This creates a product that is strong and sweet, yet has a focused and concentrated flavor.  These aspects are what make the classic caipirinha so popular.  The cachaca is paired with seasonal flavors of mint and citrus to remind one of summer during these cold months.  This drink is finished with Prosecco as inspiration from the country of Italy.  It demonstrates how two completely different types of alcohol can work together perfectly.  Give it a try!  We hope you like it!  

Fresh Orange Caipirinha (Crown of Chinchilha)

2 Ounces of Cachaca (LeBlon brand cachaca recommended)
3 Heaping teaspoons of brown sugar
6 Mint leaves
3 Orange wedges
Crushed Ice
Hardware: Tall Glass, Rocks glass, shaker, muddler

In a tall glass, place 3 orange wedges.  Add 3 heaping teaspoons of brown sugar. Muddle the orange and brown sugar gently, just enough to slightly bruise the fruit, and release some of the fruit and oils.  Do this for about 10 seconds. 

Take mint leaves, place them in one hand - and then slap with your other hand - to open up and release the oils from the mint.  (Be careful not to structurally break the leaves apart from each other).  Add the mint to the orange and brown sugar mixture.  Next, add 2 ounces of LeBlon cachaca to the mixture.  Then add a scoop of crushed ice.  Pour the mixture into a shaker (be sure it's tightly closed before you shake!), then shake 5 times to mix the ingredients together.

Finally pour the ingredients into the rocks glass and top it off with Prosecco.  Garnish with the mint to make it gorgeous, serve and enjoy!    
ecipe courtesy of Luca Giovannini & Venerate,  Thanks to the Quill Bar at The Jefferson DC


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