How to Pick a Good Lime?

Posted: Apr 22 2014

What’s in a good lime?  I buy limes every week, and it’s always a guessing game when picking ‘em out to see if I’m going to get a dry rock of a lime (you know what I’m talking about) or a juicy lime to flavor up my cooking. 

So I checked out some hints as to how to pick out a good lime and here’s what I know:

*Pick out two limes (of the same size) and hold one in each hand, the heavier should have more juice.

*Check out the color, color is important.  A nice shiny strong color is a good signal to a ripe lime.  As limes get older they’ll be more easily bruised, as well as develop a more yellow color

*Press the lime a bit with your thumb, it should have just a little bit of give.

*Some people recommend looking at the skin- thinner skin means more room for the juice. (Keep in mind the color, shiny, heavy quality previously mentioned.

As for juicing the lime:*A good friend of mine swears by rolling the lime whole (uncut) on a surface until the lime feels watery inside.  He says it’s the best way to get all the juice out with the least amount of work.

I don’t always use an entire lime at once, and wrap up the extra in some plastic wrap.  Generally I find I should use this within about 24-36 hours, or else it’ll dry out or turn brown.

So here’s to some better lime shopping in the future, and getting more lime juice per lime!

Happy shopping!Thalia StaffPhotograph courtesy of Steve Hopson. []


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