Tequila. Besides Drinking...

Posted: Apr 22 2014

You suddenly inherited 100 cases of tequila.  Or more likely your local liquor store had a rockbottom discounted sale, and suddenly – bam!  After a few hundred tequila shots, you’re ready to either hold a tequila garage sale, or figure out some other methods for disposing of your tequila cache.

Ok, the reality is neither of the above scenarios apply to you, but there are some other ways to use tequila, and we’re not talking drinking.  So imagine this – you’ve cut yourself, and there’s no rubbing alcohol in the house.  Well just reach for some tequila. Due to its high alcohol content, tequila can be called in, in a pinch when you need to sterilize a cut…or anything else.  Clearly rubbing alcohol would be a better choice, but if you don’t have any alcohol…well hit up the liquor cabinet and some good ol’ tequila to do the trick.

Of course Tequila can also be used as a good ol’ fashioned pain killer (on occasion…of course!).  Remember before anesthetics were around, doctors used to reach for the liquor bottle during operations or any other painful.  And while I certainly wouldn’t advocate it on a regular basis for pain– if you’re having an unusual, irregular, suddenly painful episode, and the doctor can’t see you until tomorrow – some tequila could certainly help…

So remember, tequila can not only help you meet "Margarita" or "Don Anejo", but it can also serve a few additional uses around the house in a pinch.


T. Valencia



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