“Amy’s Travels” a Latina Inspired Educational Children’s Book

Posted: Aug 14 2014

Amy's Travels and Author Kathryn StarkeAmy led an amazing life! Of Peruvian origin, she had lived on five of the seven continents, and had traveled just about all over the world. Kathryn Starke befriended the globe-trotting Amy in Farmville, Virginia and was always fascinated by the global adventures her good friend Amy would recount.

And one day those thrilling stories proved quite useful. Starke worked as a second grade teacher, and at the beginning of one school year was working to get her students excited about Geography. From the uninterested stares of her students, she knew the class wasn’t into the lesson. So Starke got to thinking, and starting narrating tales of Amy’s travels to see if the stories would spark her students’ interest. The students quickly got hooked on listening to Amy’s travels, and after a few lessons and seeing her students’ avid new interest in Geography, Starke decided she would publish a book.  

Starke’s book “Amy’s Travels” follows Amy as she travels around the world and spends time in different continents. The book is being read in homes and schools in over 20 countries. The California State Department of Education has the book on its “multicultural text” list. Additionally, the Latin Ballet of Virginia recently turned the book into a musical which will soon go on tour.

“Amy’s Travels” is a read aloud book for ages 4 to 8, and independent reading for ages 8 to 10 (mainly used in K-5th grades). The book is a short children’s picture book and in total has about 26 pages. There are global lesson plans in the book and downloadable activities on the website.

There’s also a Skype group called “Amy’s Travels Skype Program” where classrooms can interact with other classrooms around the globe who are reading the book. Starke says “The book is a great way to teach kids about the diversity and culture that is the world today.”

“Amy’s Travels” is available on multicultural websites, Hispanic.comwww.creativemindspublications.com and Amazon

-T. Valencia


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