"Simply Nora" by Author Theodore Marquez

Posted: Sep 22 2014

Simply Nora by Author Theodore MarquezNora Prien had 19 kids, and 23 pregnancies. It was the year 1929 and the book is called “Simply Nora”.

Simply Nora by Theodore Marquez chronicles the life of Nora Prien. Starting in the year 1929 at age 13, she had 19 children and 23 pregnancies with her husband Ed, who was nine years her senior. Marquez is one of Nora’s 19 children, and a published author. He has written several books including a series of mystery novels which introduce Detective Lorrayne Lobato in books The Hunt Part 1 and The Hunt Part 2, Children of the Pentagram, and Night of La Llorona.

The book chronicles life for Prien in turn of the 20th century Colorado, which was back in the days when there were no modern conveniences. Water was scarce and had to be hauled up from the river. Diapers had to be hand-scrubbed – poverty was overwhelmingly prevalent. Marquez says even though the family was extremely poor, “we couldn’t miss what we never had”, the poverty didn’t take away the laughter and joy of growing up. Prien’s husband worked two jobs to support the children. Marquez says, the 19 kids have had flourishing careers, and have served in the military, as well as become authors, business owners, and city/county government workers.

Marquez collected information for the book mostly from stories he remembers from his mother, letters, and interviews with 9 of his siblings. His parents separated in 1955, and his mother passed away in 1993.

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  • Posted by Theodore on October 29, 2015

    Nice to meet you Michele. My mother Nora was the daughter of Rudolf and Rebecca Prien. Rudolf was son of Henrick and Niccanora Prien. Niccanora’s maiden name was Martinez. I hope this helps.

  • Posted by Theodore on September 20, 2015

    Michele, I am both the author of this book and son of Nora Prien. I’m just curious how you are a descendant to her? Thanks.

  • Posted by Michele on April 16, 2015

    I believe I am a decendant of Nora Prien and would like to know more about her and her childern and how they fit in the Prien family

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