Catching Up with Mely from 'Mexico in My Kitchen'

Posted: Jan 14 2015

Mely, author of "Mexico in My Kitchen" blogRecently we caught up with Mely Martinez, the blogger behind the tasty ‘Mexico In My Kitchen’ blog.  On the blog, Mely discusses Mexican culture and provides great recipes and photos of Mexican food ‘comida casera’ style (Mexican homestyle food).   

Mely is originally from Tamaulipas, however her husband was transferred for work all around Mexico.  As a result, she was exposed to all types of Mexican food, from a variety of Mexican regions and states.  Eventually, the job transferred Mely’s family to Ohio.  There was so little with regards to Mexican food staples at the time, that Mely says they used to drive six hours just to buy Mexican groceries in Chicago – for a taste of home.  After living in the US for a while, the Martinez’s returned to Mexico.

Mely knew she’d eventually return to the US, and decided this time, she’d bring back tried and true Mexican recipes!  So she went to talk to the taco guy on her Mexico neighborhood street corner. She said ‘I won’t tell your secret to anyone, but please let me in on your recipes, as I’m returning to the US where I’m going to miss Mexican food’.  So the taco guy started recounting his recipes: ‘listen… heat up the grill…’.  And with her initial recipes, Mely started cooking upon return to the U.S. Mely decided ‘if we can’t go to Mexico to eat, I’ll bring Mexico to my kitchen’!

Mely updates her blog weekly with new recipes, and many school have her site bookmarked as a reference for Mexican food.  Here’s the link, be sure to visit the 'Mexico in My Kitchen' blog for some great Mexican ‘casera’ recipes and cultural background on Mexican food.


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