Interview: Author Patty Rodriguez & Lil'Libros - Hispanic Inspired Children's Books

Posted: Feb 22 2015

Lil' LibrosIt was the first few months of her pregnancy, and Patty Rodriguez already knew a couple of things: first - her son would be bilingual, and second - she would read to him every night.  Knowing this, early on in her pregnancy she started visiting bookstores and browsing the internet to select books to read to her future son. 

Problem was she says: "I would see see beautiful books in English, but couldn’t find any that spoke to me: a bilingual Latina mother."  She says she found many books which had been translated from English to Spanish, but that wasn't what she was looking for.  She was seeking a representation and teaching of the culture she grew up with, to share with her son stories true to their heritage.  Rodriguez says, "I wanted to introduce my child to his culture; a culture where switching from English and Spanish is as easy as turning on a light switch."  Shortly thereafter in addition to her son, the Lil'Libros company was born, founded by Rodriguez and her cofounder, Ariana Stein.

Lil'Libros has now published three children's books 'Loteria', 'Frida', and 'Zapata' which have recieved overwhelming praise from parents and kids.  Four new book titles are on the way in 2015 including: 'Guadalupe: First Words/Primeras Palabras', and is inspired by Our Lady Of Guadalupe.  

Lil'Libros books are for babies as young as 1 day old to children 5 years old. The goal with the Lil'Libros books is to encourage parents to read to their children in Spanish and English and to plant a seed for the child-- to continue reading.  The books are first concept books, all text is English and Spanish...50/50.   Each book is 22 pages filled with colorful pictures and Spanish and English words.

In addition to reading Lil' Libros books to her son now that he's three years old, Patty makes a conscious effort to teach and surround her son with Spanish.  If he is watching cartoons, she changes the settings to Spanish audio.

For more information on Lil'Libros visit their website here.


  • Posted by Fatima Luna on February 23, 2015

    Amazing work! Excited that the world is getting introduce to these treasured books. ! Que viva Lil Libros!

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