Are You Ready for Spring Yet? Things To Do

Posted: Mar 22 2015

Spring-By Barbara Alvarez

Aye, Diosito! Are you bundled up enough yet–even though you’re inside, where it’s supposed to be warm? As you look outside, what do you see? Bright sunshine? Or are you more likely to see snow, sleet, rain and ice? If you life anywhere in the Northeast, you’re seeing all of these, plus thundersnow. You know, that weather oddity that mixes heavy snow with lightning and thunder.

Let’s not even get into the snowdrifts. Deep is deep and you’re sick of all that snow and hielo. Some television stations have even started talking about places where the weather is warm and sunny. You see beach scenes, with white sand, blue water, lounge chairs and alcoholic drinks with colorful umbrellas. Ahhhh, spring!

It’s only two weeks ago that Phil the Groundhog saw his shadow, forecasting six more weeks of winter. At this rate, it may as well be six more months! I’ve seen a few Facebook posts, suggesting that Phil be killed and made into groundhog stew. While I wouldn’t go that far, I can see that several of my writing colleagues are sick unto death of winter and snow. Some live in Boston, New York City or Maine.

My own son just recently moved to Virginia, to a small city just outside Washington, D.C. He’s working at one of the Starbucks locations in Herndon. He’s still getting used to the scary driving patterns in Virginia, along the expressway and in D.C. itself and he told me that he’d rather just walk than drive. This week alone, he’s dealing with some dangerous wind chills as he walks to and from work. He bundles up with a beanie and scarf I made for him. His coat is made for the cold weather. Gloves? I hope he has them.

For everyone I know dealing with the extreme winter weather and temperatures, I know you’d rather be relaxing in a warm, sunny climate somewhere. Let’s talk about that. What would you do if you were on a beach or in one of the states that’s not socked in with cold weather right now?

√ Scuba diving. Would you be suiting up and diving so you could witness the underwater life?

√ Walking the beach. You’d need to be doing this con su amorcita/o. Walks on the beach are romantic. Even if you are alone, you could enjoy the warmth the sun on your shoulders, the feel of the wet sand in between your toes and the sound of the water as it rushes up to the beach.

√ Soaking up the sun’s rays. Here, you need to take some precautions. Slather the sunscreen on any areas of your body exposed to direct sunlight. As the sun’s rays bounce off the water, their effects are multiplied, making a painful burn more likely. ¡Proteje ud.!

√ Fishing. Book a seat on a charter boat and spend the day fishing. Your meals will be provided.

Winter is nearly over. While people in some parts of the country don’t know when all the storms and blizzards will end, I remind you: “This, too, shall end!” The sky won’t be hidden by gray clouds and the snow will stop falling. The snow that’s accumulated in your town will melt. Of course, now you have to worry about flooding as all that snow and ice runs down to creeks, tributaries and rivers.

Make your plans to protect your home from possible flooding. And, as you do so, dream of the day when gentle breezes, warmth, flowers and green leaves will replace all the ice, cold, snow and wind.

Photo courtesy Siddharth Mallya


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