Improving Your Health the Convida Natural Way. We Talk to Convida Founders

Posted: Jun 09 2015

Convida NaturalImproving Your Health the Convida Natural Way

Convida, a nutritional products company, was founded in 2012 by Miguel and Catherine, who wanted to create a way for Hispanics to improve their nutrition. In a way, it was and is an unusual but successful pairing, seeing Catherine, who grew up in and is originally from Ireland, teaming up with Miguel, a native of Mexico.

How did the idea for Convida Natural come about?

(Miguel) My background is in the nutritional products industry and I have extensive experience with development and production of quality products. Over time, I noticed, that other nutritional companies don’t target multicultural audiences (including Hispanics) and we wanted Convida to change that. We wanted to give people access to quality products at a price they are comfortable paying.

How did a person originally from Mexico (Miguel) and someone from Ireland (Catherine) decide to go into business together?

(Miguel) No idea! *Laughter.* Actually, we were friends before we decided to join our skills and knowledge to create Convida.

(Catherine) I work on the business management, data and operational end of our business while Miguel focuses on the product development and nutrition side of Convida, so our skills are a good match.

The product is called Con Vida. How and why did you pick this name?

(Miguel) We looked at several names. We wanted the name of our company and supplements to stress being healthy.

Convidar means to share, so our customers can pass our products on to their families. Think of living life and sharing a healthy lifestyle with your family and community.

Convida Natural products are friendly to Hispanic audiences with bilingual labels and names. Why did you choose to work within the Hispanic market in the U.S.?

(Catherine) We felt we had a good understanding of the Hispanic market within the U.S.

We are very aware that many of our customers hold down one or two full-time jobs, which means they don’t have time to make meals from fresh foods every day. They are oftentimes deficient in the nutrients their bodies need to function well.

That’s where Convida steps in. Convida products help our customers find solutions in the form of supplements they can share with their families. These supplements are more nutrition-oriented than prevention-oriented. (Note: Convida advises those worried about developing any lifestyle-related illnesses should visit their doctors.)

Several health problems have become prevalent in Hispanic communities (diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity). We often see a lack of information, especially amongst Hispanic populations.

We’re honest with people about how Convida Natural can help to improve your life. We stress that our customers need to understand what they’re taking in our supplements.

(Miguel) We’re promoting a long-term effort– folks from older generations tend to go with advice from a yerbero (herbalist). However, this advice should often be taken with a grain of salt. We’re trying to engage our customers in a universal discussion regarding: What are we eating and why?

 Are you working on any new products or partnerships?

(Miguel) Yes, we are. Research and development is a continuous, ongoing activity within Convida. We work with our formulation partners, using Science and Nature to produce quality functional products that are reasonably priced for our customers.

 What are some good ways to combine Convida products with Latin-American fruits and juices, such as coconut water, papaya, mango, maracuya and watermelon?

(Miguel) Our customers can experiment with the supplement mixes and different flavors to see what they like the best. Our powders and liquids can be easily mixed, allowing customers to include more raw materials in juices/smoothies, such as spinach and other raw vegetables/fruit.   

-Barbara Alvarez


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