• Anklet: Hammered Filigree
  • Anklet: Hammered Filigree


Anklet: Hammered Filigree


These Anklets are gorgeous.  We picked these up during a Hispanic.com shopping trip in Udaipur, India (Interesting fact: one of the filming locations for James Bond's Octopussy movie).

Each anklet has beautiful metalwork.  We kept a bunch of these for ourselves, so there's only a handful of these in stock!

If you like anklets, these are amazing.  Interestingly, we learned the following history on wearing bangles and anklets while in India.  We were told that Indian women tend to wear many bangles and anklets because of an ancient tradition.  In India hundreds and hundreds of years ago, women put on the clinking bangles and anklets to scare off tigers and other large animals when they were walking near and around their villages!  And the jewelry tradition continues today.

Note: Anklet C makes a clinking noise with each step as the silver balls hit each other

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