• Necklace: Blue Button

Maria Guerrero

Necklace: Blue Button


About the ArtistMaria Guerrero in her studio
Maria Guerrero is a San Antonio, Texas jewelry artist. Each of Maria’s pieces is one-of-a-kind and is made of a combination of new and vintage buttons, found metals along with hand-braided waxed cotton cord (made in the USA). Each necklace has a sterling silver necklace clasp which Maria makes individually for each necklace.


Blue Button Necklace
Three blue buttons, found metal piece and a handmade sterling silver clasp on a hand-braided waxed cotton cord
Note: take a close look at the found metal piece, Maria found it while searching out unique metals for her jewelry.  She suspects it may be an airline part.  You can see it has a number engraved on the left hand side.
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