• Tile: Diego Rivera's 'Nude with Calla Lilies'


Tile: Diego Rivera's 'Nude with Calla Lilies'


This product is a great fire ceramic tile that is not only colorful, but also makes a great decor piece to add to your home.  Each tile piece is an individually crafted, painted, glazed and fired.  The tile is great for hanging.  The tile can also be used in any home ceramic construction project as accent pieces for bathrooms, walls, kitchens, and floors. For use in home ceramic projects, the backing can easily be removing by soaking the tile in water.  Furthermore, the tile can be enjoyed indoor or outdoor without fading.

This tile is a ceramic tile impression of Diego Rivera's "Nude with Calla Lilies" painting which was done in 1944.  Diego used the calla lily in several of his paintings.  The original painting was done just after his two great murals for the National Institute of Cardiology and before the enormous mural Great City of Tenochtitlan.

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